General Information

General Information

General InfoAre you wondering about what Akron Photo Booth Rentals is all about? Well, obviously it is about renting a photo booth for any event or occasion, but what kind of photo booths exactly? Keep reading and you will find out more!

Once you enter the photo booth, you will a chosen background on one side of the booth while on the other side there will be an LCD screen, studio light; both of these encloses in a patented case design on the other side of the  booth.

You can also configure the booth so that the camera can be on the side you prefer; left or right. But, this also depends on the specifics of your settings.

Once you enter the photo booth, the curtain will be closed so that you can enjoy your privacy. A great advantage of photo booths is that it gives the people some privacy to take photos behind a closed curtain as they pleased.

So, those who are a bit camera shy or don’t like posing in front of large crowds, having a photo booth with a closed curtain is certainly an added benefit. As you start positioning yourself, you will see a series of instruction displayed on the LCD screen. Just press the start button and you can enjoy posing in front of the camera with your friends or family members.

Once the curtain is closed, almost anything can happen, and that’s exactly what happens. The fact that there is no photographer inside the booth will spark some real creativity in your friends and you can expect a lot of unexpected pictures.

Going or a photo booth rental is certainly a great way to make an evening memorable. People really enjoy taking photos inside a photo booth, from going to plain silly or just some creative expressions.

These rental photos are perfect for every kind of occasion. Whether it’s a wedding or a birthday party; it’s a perfect opportunity to get crazy.

The bride and groom, their friends and family members can all get inside the photo booth (not all at once, of course) and take lots of photos is different expressions and poses. If it’s a birthday, the birthday girl/boy can get behind the curtain with their friends and make the day more memorable.

Once your guests are out of the booth, they just have to wait for 20 seconds before they receive an excellent quality of photos which they took inside. They can instantly begin to share this excitement and creativity with others and thus make memories at your party. There is no doubt that they will be raving about your party for months!

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