Young couple in a Photo Booth party with gesture faceFundraisers are a very great way to earn money for the less fortunate, and it gives you a chance to give them something. We at Akron Photo Booth Rental rock fundraisers more than any other local photo booth company you’ll find.

We absolutely love to contribute to great causes and lend a hand in helping others out. You can hire our photo booth services at any fundraising event and we will gladly help you out.

We love giving you our photo booths to benefit all the great causes, but don’t offer any kind of free services. Akron Photo Booth Rental is the best when it comes to renting a photo booth for any fundraising event and we guarantee our customers with an amazing experience. In addition to that, we also even discount the rental charges for the right causes.

  • If you are wondering whether your event will benefit from having a photo booth from our company, then the answer is yes. People absolutely go crazy over photo booths at any event, and they certainly love to take lots of photos using these booths.
  • So, having a photo booth from Akron Photo Booth Rentals is a great way for marketing your event. Your guests will surely love our photo booth and the amazing prop collection we have. The guests at your event will talk about the amazing fundraising event for months.
  • Your guests will have their photo-strips which they will show to their friends and family put them in their wallets, purses or on their walls. The message that you are trying to send (meaning the cause of your fundraising) will be branded on every single photo-strip.
  • Plus, we have online event galleries that make sure that your fundraising message is properly conveyed to thousands of people all over the popular social networks. You will also receive every single photo that we snap on DVD, so that you can use it for any publication you like.
  • Simply let us know about your event or non-profit cause. If you are arranging a fundraiser that is offering something that we believe will be good for the society, then our photo booth rental services are available at special rates. This is our way to give back to our community.

We understand that spending too much money on renting a photo booth can be hard, especially when you are renting it for a fundraiser. Therefore, just let us know that the photo booth is being rented for a worthy cause, and we will reduce down the price for you.

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