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About Us

about usMore people in Ohio are going for photo booth rentals for parties and special occasions. Photo booths are really fun and exciting way to capture photos in parties and celebrations. Akron Photo Booth Rental is a great place to rent photo booth for your parties. Our company is the best there is because of the fun factor we deliver; we have feature-packed photo booths. We also have a winning customer support and proven reliability.

When you are looking for a photo booth for any occasion in Ohio such as a wedding, birthday party, Halloween party or an anniversary, look no further than Akron Photo Booth Rental.

The customer service team at our company is super amazing. From the very first contact to the follow up after your event is over, our team will make the whole process not only easy but stress free for you too.

As we mentioned earlier, we have proven reliability. When you are looking for a photo booth rental for your birthday, reunion, wedding or any other special event, choosing a dependable company with a good track record is a must. Akron Photo Booth Rentals is the company for you, as we provide you with the best photo booth rental booths and packages. We own a professionally run business that is locally operated and owned and has outstanding reputation for delivering high level of customer satisfaction and quality product.

When you choose Akron Photo Booth Rental you can be sure that we will always be there on time at the event and that the photo booth we provide will have the best photographic equipment and printers that are tested before every event. We also provide you the option of having on-call technician so that you can make sure that nothing goes wrong with your photo booth experience. We guarantee that you and your friends will have the most amazing and memorable photo booth experience ever.

If you want some excitement in your party, then Akron Photo Booth Rental is the best company for hiring a photo booth. We offer lots of pops and other things to add in the fun, at the same time offering instant quality prints.

We specialize in renting photo booths for numerous occasions. Our aim is to create great memories for our customers by providing them with high level of professionalism, quality and fun. We also like to take pride in creating a fun and exciting atmosphere for our customers by giving them an easy and great way to capture memories. We provide a special twist on your normal photos and party themes.

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