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akron photo booth rentalsThe renting of photo booths is becoming the new hot thing to have at weddings, graduations, theme parties or almost any event for that matter. Having a photo booth in a party atmosphere is a fun and exciting idea that is rapidly gaining popularity in the Akron area.

If you have recently attended an event or celebration which had a photo booth rental, then you are already aware of how amazing and fun it is to have a photo booth at a party.

Why Are Photo Booth’s So Popular?

  • Selfies are what’s trending at every occasion or event, but if you put a photo booth at your party, you can bet that your guests are going to be much happier taking photos through a photo booth rather than using their phones.
  • When you give your guests something that creates excitement, entertainment and fun, why wouldn’t they like it? A photo booth rental can bring all the excitement and fun a party or an event needs, and your guests will certainly have a blast.
  • Are you worried about your guests leaving the party early or the guests having no fun? With photo booth rentals, you don’t need to worry about any of that! Your guests will defiantly stay longer at your party, take home the best memories and party favors, plus rant for days about how great your party was and what an amazing idea it was to have a photo booth rental in a party. Once the curtain of the photo booth closes, you will never be able to guess what the guests at your party are doing inside.
  • A great reason why a photo booth rental is a smart idea for a celebration is that people can take pictures while enjoying their privacy. There might be some guests who don’t like posing in front of a crowd; this way they can enjoy their privacy behind a closed curtain and pose however they want. It is also a splendid way for couples to take their pictures while acting ‘in love’ or while showing affection towards each other.
  • Akron Photo booth rentals provide you with the best photo booths to rent. The pure fun and unique entertainment of taking instant pictures creates a kind of magic which certainly cannot be replicated.
  • Photo booths are absolutely perfect for all types of celebrations or occasions; Birthdays, Reunions, Proms, Weddings, Corporate parties, Sweet 16’s, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. No matter it’s a Christmas party or a graduation party; photo booths are the best way to create memories and capture them in the right way.

Akron Photo Booth Rentals delivers the most fun factor at any event, occasion or party. Give your guests something fun to do by renting a photo booth for the next party or event you will be hosting. When there is a photo booth available at a party, your guests are bound to have an amazing time. They will put on some silly props and have the time of their life in the photo booth, posing in front of the camera with goofy faces and weird props. There is a little delay between every picture, which means that your guests will have a chance to switch the props and do a different pose.

Renting a photo booth is so much better than buying one because it not only saves a lot of cost, but also gives you a chance to switch things up a little bit according to the relevant event. Akron Photo Booth Rentals offers rental services for every occasion. Whether you want it for a wedding, graduation party, prom, homecoming, sweet 16 birthdays or any other event in between; a photo booth is perfect for every single occasion! Your guests will have a blast and you will get a chance to save all those memories in the form of a DVD. This way all your memories would be safe at one place and you will have the freedom of reliving them any time you like.

Akron Photo Booth Rentals is a highly interactive photo booth rental company that happens to provide photo booths on rent for all occasions. We have been providing this service for a long time now and throughout this journey our customers have always been satisfied with us. We strong believe in providing you with just a photo booth at your party. Along with the booth, you also get to enjoy a bunch of props according to the occasion or theme of the party. This is your chance to give your guests an experience they will never forget!

Renting a photo booth is the latest trend today and is one of the most popular ways to liven up your dance, wedding, corporate event or fund raisers. We take great pride in providing that extra touch to your event/party that will not only make everyone smile and remember your event for many years to come. Akron Photo Booth has high quality equipment, the best customer service and the friendliest and outgoing team of workers who will make sure that your photo booth rental journey goes smoothly. In fact, we even send one or two team members whenever you rent a photo booth so that if anything goes wrong at the party, we can fix the problem right away!

At Akron Photo Booth, we offer the best photo booth rental prices in Ohio. With our services, you will get the most bang out of the money you spend on renting a photo booth. We offer different packages according to different events, so you can certainly find one that suits your requirements.

Renting a photo booth rental from us is the perfect addition to your special event. We will accommodate any venue in Ohio City so that you and your guests can have the time of their lives.  Call us today and make the booking right away. We recommend you to make bookings at least a week before the event just to avoid any problems. We do have own a lot of photo booths, but you never know when they might be all booked out.

Get the best, most reliable and affordable photo booth rental services at Akron Photo Booth Rental. We look forward to hearing from you!

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